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A dedicated decarbonization strategy to secure a concrete future for our region.

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Drive in the park

A business park in northern Indiana needed an exclusive widened road and utility to acquire its last undeveloped lot, which was also the best land in the entire region, ideal for development. To promote their projects, park users partnered with their local energy company and its energy supplier.


in the media: Power Moves saved many years

National Rural Grid Association underscores its support for Power Moves initiative, which saved 300,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and avoided $66 million in costsUSA.


Windows 10 now supports mounting physical drives formatted with the Linux ext4 file system in Subsystem for Linux 2.

Linux filesystems that are not ext4 compatible can be accessed natively on Windows 10 without the need to install any useful drivers.

Starting with Windows 10 Preview Build 20211, WSL 2 now includes the wsl –add command, which allows you to create ext4 and other Linux kernel compatible filesystems directly on installed WSL distributions.


This feature is especially useful for users who want to dual boot Windows 10 and Linux and access their Linux drives while using Windows.

How To Mount A Hard Drive In WSL 2

After installing Windows Ten Preview Build 20211, you should probably be able to use the wsl --mount direction to mount a drive using WSL 2.

In order to mount a drive, you must first open a PowerShell shortcut as an administrator and run the following command to get a simple list of available drives.

Wmic Diskdrive sale letter

If the disk has a suitable partition, you can mount them individually with the command:

wsl --mount [Disk Path]
wsl --mount \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0

Otherwise, if you want to mount a specific partition, you will use all commands:

wsl --mount [disk path] --partition [partition number]
wsl --install \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 --partition 1

You can permanently unmount a WSL 2 deployment to another drive with the following commands:

wsl --unmount [volume path]
wsl --unmount \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0

The default –mount wsl will certainly try to mount the partition using ext4. To specify a specific file system, you can use the appropriate command:

wsl --mount [disk path] -p [partition number] -t [file system type]
wsl --mount \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 -p 1 -t vfat

Once connected, the drive can no longer be used as /wsl/[mount point].

on a Linux distribution.

More detailed instructions on how to get the wsl –mount command in-game can be found here. Illustrate

See Microsoft.Access declaration below for how it works

To notgo to the wall file system in windows 10 explorer, you can open linux sort and navigate to /mnt.

It should be noted that if you mount volume a in WSL 2, it will be available to all WSL Linux distributions that you have actually installed.

Furthermore, when a partition is mounted, the entire mounted drive will no doubt be inaccessible to other applications that are commonly used. Please

“In addition, this feature typically has the limitation that only physical drives can be mounted on WSL 2. Mounting a single partition may not be supported at this time,” notes Microsoft.

Mounting a hard drive in WSL 2
Show filesystem file in explorer

  • introduction
  • installation

  • valet upgrade
  • Service Sites

  • The Park team.
  • Link command
  • Protecting websites with TLS
  • Expand the default site
  • website sharing

  • Sharing websites through Ngrok
  • Web SharingReadings via Expose
  • Sharing websites on your local network
  • Site specific environment variables
  • Proxy services
  • Personal valet

  • local drivers
  • Other valet orders
  • Valet directories and files
  • Presentation

    Laravel Valet is a development environment for macOS minimalists. Laravel Valet sets up your Mac so that Nginx is always running in the background when you start your new sewing machine. Then, using the DnsMasq Valet proxy server, all requests to the *.test domain name will point to the sites installed on your local computer.

    In other words, Valet a is an extremely fast Laravel development environment, using about 7MB of RAM. Valet is not a definitive replacement for Sail or Homestead, but it still offers a great alternative if you need flexible foundations, prefer an extreme schedule, or work on RAM-limited technologies.

    Standard valet service also includes but is not limited to:


    Note. For slaveValet requires macOS and Homebrew. Before installing, you must make sure that no other program, such as Apache, binds Nginx to port 80 of your localized computer.

    To get started, a person must first make sure the homebrew product is up to date using this command update:

    Updating the brew

    cook install php

    After migrating PHP, you can purchase the Composer package manager. When registering, you need to make sure that our directory ~/.composer/vendor/bin is in the “PATH” of your human body. After installing Composer, your family can install Laravel Valet as a global Composer package:

    global composer requires laravel/valet

    Finally, you can run the Valet install command. This will configure and install Valet and DnsMasq. Also, the actual daemons that Valet depends on are started when you start your application:

    Valet parking

    After installing Valet, ping any *.test domain on a new terminal with a command such as ping foobar.test. If Valet is successfulbut installed, you should see this great domain. at go

    When you turn on the washing machine, Valet automatically starts some necessary services.

    PHP version

    Valet allows you to switch PHP versions using the valet take [email protected] command. Will Valet install the specified PHP version via Homebrew, it may not be installed yet:

    valet uses php@7.2

    valet uses php

    You can also start by creating a .valetphprc file at the root of your project. The .valetphprc information should contain the PHP version that the site should use frequently:


    Once you’ve created this file, you can simply partake in using valet and the command will determine the website’s high-level PHP version by reading the file.

    Note that Valet only provides one version of Perl at a time, even if the user has multiple versions of PHP installed.


    If the user application requires a database, check DBngin. DBngin provides freeAn all-in-one collection management tool that includes MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis. After installing dbngin, you can connect to the database at using root and an empty username as password.

    Reset installation

    If you’re having trouble getting the valet install to work correctly, be sure to run the composer global update command followed by valet install to reset the growth and resolve a lot of issues. most problems. In rare cases, running valet uninstall --force followed by valet install.

    may require a “hard reset” of the valet.

    Improve The Valet Service

    You can extend your installation by running our composer global update command in your own terminal. After updating, it is recommended that you run the valet install instructions so that Valet can perform many other updates to your configuration files as needed.

    Streaming Sites

    Once Valet is installed, it can be ready to work with your Laravel applications. Valet Two provides commands to help youmake your apps work: park and link.


    Sold by park park to store a directory on your device containing your applications. Once its directory has been “parked” in Valet, all directories the directory is in can be accessed in the appropriate web browser under