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This error is actually caused by Intel PRO/Set Wireless: Download the latest version HERE from the main Intel website (always updated). Uninstall the old version and install the new version.

This error is generated by Intel PRO/Set Wireless: Download the latest version from the Intel website HERE (updated) Uninstall the old version and install all new versions.

What is iFrmewrk EXE?

How To Fix iFrmewrk.exe Issues?
1. Run the Security Task Manager to check the iFrmewrk process.
2. Run the Windows Repair Tool to fix iFrmewrk.exe-related Windows errors.
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove stubborn malware.

How Do I Start Stopping The Ifrmewrk.exe Process?

To truly stop the ifrmewrk.exe process, you either need to uninstall the program associated with the file, or possibly “ifrmewrk.exe”. . it”. This is a virus or malware, it uses malware and a virus removal tool.

List Of Variants Associated With The Ifrmewrk.exe Process:

Way: C:> Program Files> Common Files> Intel> WirelessCommon> iFrmewrk.exe
versions: 14, 2, 0, 0
// 1210640 size: virus scan result in bytes, because that means 182cf7aa9a8bb93766f8aaa8c3be5e8d

Path: g: > c diski kopyas > software files > common files > common wireless network > intel > ifrmewrk.exe
versions: 14, 3, 0, 0
// Size: 1210640 bytes The result of the anti-virus scan of the entire process 120e3a1ca435172e46befecb24b3c27c

Path: c:>Files>Common Program Files>intel>wirelesscommon>ifrmewrk. Version: .exe
14, 2, personal, 0
// Size: 1935120 bytes Antivirus output for this process: 84ab0e0efb4e3ee9ef0133959779a26a

Path: c:program filesintelwirelessinifrmewrk.exe
Version: sixteen, 1, 0, 0
// Size: 1287168 bytes Virus scan impact for this process 9e663bb14f8d671e727f5f617bc39e02

Path: C:Program FilesIntelWirelessCommoniFrmewrk filescommon.exe
versions: 13, 3, 0, 0
// Size: 1206544 bytes Virus scan result for this activity C:Program 9e5532de17b64a74098f0f52eb6eddf5

Path: FilesCommon FilesIntelWirelessCommoniFrmewrk.exe
versions: 16, 1, 1, 0
// Size: 1206544 bytes Virus scan item for this process C:Program ce29ac570c8aa7434f41c9f796f15811

Path: FilesCommon FilesIntelWirelessCommoniFrmewrk.exe
Version: 12, 4, 3, 0
// 1202448 size: byte antivirus scan for the result of this practice d146d85ed0170e483311df7175819aaa

Path: C:Program FilesCommon FilesIntelWirelessCommoniFrmewrk.exe
14, model: 0, 2012, 0
// Size: 1210640 bytes The remaining antivirus result for this is 1ac9c0962d7ba4a2efba9ada649c01b7

Path: Process C:Program FilesCommon FilesIntelWirelessCommoniFrmewrk.exe
versions: 16, 1, 0, 0
// Size: 3445488 bytes Virus scan result for this action a6070c7523f6252db1b5071a6be7d971

Path: c:program filesintelwirelesscommonifrmewrk filescommon.exe
Version: 17, 6, 0, 0
// Size: 4790576 bytes Virus check result for this process 46c2abc88361fb024862974aa8d752a0

Path: c:program filescommon filesintelwirelesscommonifrmewrk.Version:exe
14, 3, 0, 0
// Size: byte 1935120 Virus scan result for this job 0e606267ba95b5f26b24df7f80cd56de

Path: C:Program FilesIntelWirelessBinifrmewrk.Version:exe
11, individual, 1, 0
// Length and extent: 974848 bytes Antivirus scan results for this process a1918ed875da5418345831419dab7369

Path: C:Archivos r programaArchivos comunesIntelWirelessCommoniFrmewrk.exe
Option: 12, 0, 0, 0
// Size: 1191936 bytes Analyze the antivirus result for this method 3741cf7c2a04dbc619152ec9ce53e721

Path: C:Program FilesIntelWirelessBinifrmewrk.exe
Version: 11, i, 1, 0
// Size: 974848 bytes Antivirus scan result for this process 287c76d06b7fbad32fa064b007f17ac1

Path: c:program filescommon filesintelwirelesscommonifrmewrk.exe back

What What Can You Do With An Application Error In The Ifrmewrk.exe Process?

If there are numerous communication errors for other included programs, this likely indicates a deeper issue with your operating system or underlying hardware.
In most cases, try installing Pillow Top OS or check disk integrity with the excellent disk analysis tool (shutter).
I know this guide is probably not very specific, but basically there’s not much that families can do with it.

Why is my ifrmewrk Exe not working?

Whenever the ifrmewrk.exe process encounters a certain error, there is always a high chance that it is probably caused byA wild wave. In this case, you should run a full virus scan with your latest solution and your system.

Important: If This PC Generates Ifrmewrk.exe, You Should Check Your Version Of Windows Immediately!

The ifrmewrk.exe system file is part of the special Intel PRO/Set Von Wi-Fi program from manufacturer Intel. Its task: ifrmewrk.exe allows you to configure W-LAN. ifrmewrk.exe is usually located in an unknown directory. If the file is believed to be in a different folder, you may have chosen this path when installing the software. Under certain circumstances, this can also be a sign of a virus.

What Your Family Should Know Ifrmewrk.exe Intel PROSet/Wireless Framework

ifrmewrk.exe is not part of Windows, but it is important, then that it is. Ifrmewrk.exe is located in a specific subdirectory “C:\Program Files\Public Documents”.
Frequent directories are 1,935,120 bytes in size (24% based on all these 1,933,584 byte files), but there are 8 more options.
The Prompt Dot registry is not part of Microsoft Windows. The creator of the file has a certificate of registered specialist. This confirms the authenticity of our file. You can remove the pinned program from the Windows Control Panel. This particular software has almost no visible windows and taskbar.
Ifrmewrk.exe can record keystrokes.
For this reason, 21% of all experts consider this file to be a possible threat. The risk that this may cause damage is high.


This informative program is meant to be run at startup to take advantage of its functionality or even make the program actually work. The information below is a limited description of what is known to be close to this file. If you need more help with this file, ask directly on some of the forums for free.

Is ifrmewrk safe to use?

The iFrmewrk.exe file is often digitally signed. The program should not be visible. IFrmewrk.exe is great at keyboard and mouse input, and keeps a close eye on applications. Therefore, according to technical safety, electric current is dangerous by 18%; However, you should also compare this rating with any user rating.

Annoying Problemsthem Error Messages?

It could be a dll file error Buyer you are an individual visiting this page trying to find a way to fix this error you may be experiencing on your computer. Typically, this error can be caused by one or more of the following:

Why should I place an updated version of ifrmewrk?

Because the ifrmewrk.exe file is very similar to a hardware device, reinstalling some of its associated drivers should bring this file or an updated entry of this file into order on your laptop or desktop computer. For a list of links to electronics manufacturer’s driver pages, visit our Drivers section or visit the company’s page, which can be found at the link below.

What Is Ifrmewrk Exe?

ifrmewrk.exe is often a process associated with Intel PRO/Configure Wireless Software . and provides additional configuration options for these phones. This program is not a mandatory concept, but should not be terminated if it is suspected to be causing problems.

How do I fix system exe error?

If the program suddenly stops working or quits, your company may receive an error message that “EXE has stopped working.” This can be described as a common PC problem, but many of them can be fixed. In this article, we are going to show you how to get rid of exe stop problem easily and quickly.

Contains Arregla El R Ifrmewrk.exe Error

Intel® PROSet/Wireless Framework process and Intel Framework mfc application is not Intel PROSet/Wireless software from Intel – Mobile Wireless Group Intel ® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software or Intel Corporation Wireless O Connectivity Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi from Intel® (

Fix some iFrmewrk.exe related errors < /h2>PROSet/Wireless Intel® Framework or Intel Framework MFC Application processing refers to Intel PROSet/Wireless logic or later on Intel Corporation – Mobile Wireless Group or PROSet/Wireless Intel® WiFi Software or later than PROSet/Wireless intel® WiFi or PROSet/Wireless intel® WiFi or Intel Corporation-Wireless Connectivity logic from Intel® (

What is iFrmewrk EXE?

How to fix problems with iFrmewrk.exe?
1. Launch the Security Task Manager to check the iFrmewrk personal process.
2. Run Windows Repair Tool and fix iFrmewrk.exe-related Windows errors.
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove stubborn malware.

How do I fix system exe error?

When a program stops working or quits abruptly, you might get a specific error message that says “exe has stopped working”. This is a common stumbling block for PCs, but luckily it’s fixable. Again, in this article, we will show you how to fix EXE problem easily and quickly.