Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

I already re-downloaded the uTorrent package, but it was having problems, so I uninstalled it and tried to re-download the program; However, now when I try to reinstall it, there is a problem that uTorrent is not a valid Win32 application. Any suggestions for solving this problem?

Edit: I felt the need to reinstall the service because it was crashing randomly and was able to save my downloaded torrents to some extent. I was hoping to help you achieve better results after reinstalling uTorrent.

@dumbenis, by no means exclude utorrent as it is not recommended as sometimes someone can get malicious files through a good torrent

I don’t know what is the cause of Mc Fixit problems, I had no problems with torrents and therefore with ESET, but I use other software for me torrents, I use Deluge (open source, no ads, and then things that add torrents unless the owners bought it) and use magnet URLs to download the torrent, orjust download the torrent for free and run it in Deluge without any problems

EDIT: If you download for ubuntu testing torrents, will the torrents still be visible? – hxxp://

the popular uTorrent LimeWire client is once again flagged almost as problematic by antivirus vendors. This includes Microsoft Windows Defender, which simply removes most applications from the system. The software is reportedly classified as “dangerous software”, “malicious software”, “software and old”. In addition to the device, the uTorrent client also has issues with qBitTorrent.

utorrent has been installed on tens of millions of devices and remains the favorite BitTorrent for consumers around the world.

Research over the past year has shown that around two-thirds of all BitTorrent users prefer it over the many options available.

In 2018, the uTorrent web version team released a package. However, for now, most users still prefer the standalone client. Undoubtedly, if they manage to run the program without anyAny antivirus vendor will no doubt find their way. Naughty?


Utorrent Latest In The Years, Utorrent Was Sometimes Referred To As “malicious” Software. This Issue Has Reappeared Recently And As Of This Writing, There Are Several Antivirus Products, Including Windows Defender And Malwarebytes, Identifying Client Torrent As Dangerous.

We’ve Released The Latest Installer Based On Virustotal’s Analysis, Which Shows That 19 Companies Report UTorrent For A Variety Of Reasons, From The Dangerous “Trojan.BtcMine” Software To “bundled Installer”.

Microsoft, For Example, Classifies UTorrent As A “Potentially Unwanted Application” (PUA). In Fact, The Insurance Company Has Had A Special Page In The UTorrent Malware Database For Years, Where The Program Is Flagged As A Serious Threat.

probably Software

While the exact nature of the problem varies, the unnecessary “probably software” is a recurring theme. The term is unnecessarily broad and can vary from change tobrowser settings before investing in third-party tools without authorization. According to Microsoft, they are not the same malware.

It doesn’t mean anything, the effects aren’t always real. We have found several people who have recently removed uTorrent from their systems and simply cannot reinstall it. Some of these complaints also appear in the media, where people seek advice online.

Qbittorrent Is Also Unwanted

Interestingly, uTorrent is not the only torrent client flagged as potentially unwanted software. Earlier this month, qBitTorrent was added to Microsoft’s malware database. it Although malware and not a real PUP, Windows actively blocks and removes Defender .A

This leads to numerous complaints on the Reddit page and qBitTorrent GitHub, as well as people with similar experiences. Defender

“Windows continues to silently uninstall software even if it explicitly allows it to be on the computer,” Athelas64 writes..

Another commenter asks if any organized action is being taken against torrent clients. unlikely, this is since many other torrent clients are also flagged with this unwanted software. Even suggests it.

Are All Clients Spam Torrents?

The reputation article on what is considered garbage specifically mentions torrent clients, adware runtimes, and cryptocurrency miners.

Microsoft article stating that unwanted software is not as old as malware, but not covered in their own malware encyclopedia. In addition, Windows also classifies PUA Defender as a “serious threat”.

When we launched uTorrent for the entire virustotal, a lot of red flags were scanned, but they appeared, qBitTorrent is practically clean. This, assuming Microsoft is preventing it, may simply be due to the undeniable fact that this is a torrent project and nothing else.

Well, we wouldn’t recommend ignoring preAntivirus warnings, after all, there are ways to install uTorrent along with qBitTorrent without any problems. It’s best to choose just disable PUA protection, which can be done in Windows in a few clicks. Alternatively, users can simply switch to a third party whose antivirus will disable Windows Defender.